Sunday, 18 April 2010

New Deadliest Warrior # 2 : Caveman vs Predator Drone


Predator Drone Wins ! Flawless Victory !


  1. Okay, so, did the Caveman psychically cause the Drone to crash (leaving the last picture that we see), or, did the Drone's sidewinder, anti-Caveman missile hit its target with devastating, head-exploding accuracy (leaving the last picture)? Or something else entirely? Do tell!

  2. Really, Smag , not clear ? It's the caveman gets vapourised. I may have to add another pic to make it clearer. It was just meant to be another silly mismatch in killing ability.

  3. Well, no, see how the second photo of the caveman gets closer in after the launching of the badass anti-Caveman Mark VII missile? That could indicate that the missile is honing it, but, too, it could indicate that we're heading inside the caveman's head to his psychic power zone wherein he destroys the missile using nothing but motherfuckin' mind bullets!

    However, your freakin' outstanding homage to Mortal Kombat clears it all up now. :-)