Saturday, 17 April 2010


Every day complete strangers come up to me, and, totally unprovoked, say something like "You could roll a ball in shit until it's twice as big as the Death Star and you still wouldn't be conveying a tenth of how much Creed stink".

"Oh yeah ?" I say. "I would if I was using MY shit," I say with a smirk.

D'oh ! Foiled by my own dim-wittedness !

Never mind. The wisdom i wish to convey is that you should never feel ashamed of Creed, no matter if it seems that the number of people who hate them actually exceeds the population of the Earth. (Btw, if people are deliberately assuming that the population of undiscovered worlds will also hate Creed, then this is hateful and unfair, especially since the alien residents of said world may lack eardrums or may find the sonic vibration from Creed's awesome riffs to be outside of their audible frequency range).

Millions of people probably hated Jesus when he first started mixing it up but after years and years of touring and not giving up on the dream, he had attracted a solid base of fans which, today, would be at least on a par with what Sarah Palin has got going on. Hundreds of years later, people loved Jesus so much that they started torturing other people to force them to say how much they loved Jesus. Can you imagine a world where Creed fans torture other people to force them to say how great Creed are ? I can....... and it's beautiful.

What I'm trying to say is that you should never be ashamed of your choices in life and you should have the courage of your convictions, whether it's completely trivial (voting for Ralph Nader), life-defining (listening to Creed) or somewhere in the middle (drinking Dr Pepper).

The Doctor Pepper Pledge :

Drinking Dr Pepper, rather than the 2 leading brands of soft drinks, marks me out as an original thinker and a maverick, so i will continue to greedily consume it even though people mock me and it tastes like medicine.


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